We have one type of  membership which includes all of the facilities, including Swimming Pool, Spa Bath, Sauna, Steam Room, Gym, Changing Rooms, Lockers & Complimentary Teas and Coffees.

Membership is charged at £55 per month and is paid by Direct Debit.  There is no contract and the membership can be cancelled at anytime.  Memberships run from the first of the month, the membership fee will be automatically adjusted depending on what day of the month you join on, all direct Debits are taken on the first of the month.  If two or ore of you are joining you can if you wish just set up one direct debit for all payments to come out of.

Upon Joining you will receive a welcome email which includes all the information you need to book your induction.  You will either need an induction or sign an induction waiver before using the gym.  The induction forms will include the contact details for Mel our Personal Trainer, after joining you will need to book your induction directly with Mel.

The club recognizes the importance of every member undergoing our induction training. This is carefully designed to ensure that the individual is made aware of the facilities and equipment on offer. We recommend each member undergoes our induction training. However if you decide to not partake in an induction you will need to sign an induction waiver before using the gym.  Details of this are on the welcome letter you receive after joining.